Rachel-Levine Advocates for Hormone Blockers in Youth


Dr. Rachel Levine talks about a sensitive topic. It’s about kids and special medicine called hormone blockers.

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What Are Hormone Blockers?

Hormone blockers are medicines. They are also known as puberty blockers. They can pause changes that happen during puberty.

Hormone BlockersMedicines that can delay puberty changes.
PubertyA time when a child’s body starts to become an adult.

Why Some Kids May Need Hormone Blockers

  • Feelings not matching their bodies.
  • To have more time to think about changes.
  • Doctors say it can make kids feel better.

What Dr. Rachel Levine Says

Dr. Levine speaks about these medicines for some kids. She says it helps kids who are sure about their feelings. Dr. Levine thinks it’s a helpful option.

But remember, not all people agree. It’s a talk that many people are part of.


Parents’ Role in This Decision

Parents and doctors talk together. They decide what’s best for each child. It’s not an easy choice.

The Discussion on Hormone Blockers

Many ideas fly around this topic. They come from doctors, parents, and others. It’s important to learn all the facts.

Some say it’s good for certain children. Others worry about the future effects. It’s a very personal decision.


Understanding the Effects

Hormone blockers can be stopped. And puberty can then continue. But there’s a lot we’re still learning.

  • Works while taking the medicine.
  • Puberty goes on after stopping.
  • More research is happening now.

Finding More Information

Talking to a doctor is the best first step. They can tell you about risks and benefits. Every child’s health is different.

Look for information from trusted places. Health websites and doctors’ offices are good. Books and talks can help too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Rachel Levine?

Rachel Levine is the United States Assistant Secretary for Health, appointed in 2021, and a pediatrician with a background in adolescent medicine.

What Are Hormone Blockers?

Hormone blockers, also known as puberty blockers, are medications designed to halt the production of sex hormones during puberty.

Why Use Hormone Blockers In Children?

Hormone blockers are used to delay the physical changes of puberty, often for children experiencing gender dysphoria to provide time for decision-making.

Can Hormone Blockers Stop Wrong Puberty?

Hormone blockers are used to pause puberty in transgender youth, thus preventing undesired physical changes associated with their sex assigned at birth.

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